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My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan…

My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan….


My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan…

I have followed closely the acquisition of new players, new team’s name, new Ballpark. Finally, the season started. As of yesterday, our beloved Miami Marlins are last in the National League East with seven wins and ten loses. It is early in the season, and we know there is no need to panic. But it is also time to discuss things. It is better now than later.

Games are not won only by goodwill. Games are won by performance. Last night, Jose Reyes overthrew an easy ball to our first base Gaby Sanchez. Last night with two people in base our catcher Buck hits into the third out. Last night Giancarlo Stanton made another error. Last night Lomo and Bonifacio almost injured each other trying to catch an easy ball to the outfield. Am I wrong if I am asking all the players to perform to expectations? I don’t believe so.

For any sports, and I follow many, a player either a woman or a man must have a drive. A wish bone, but also they need a backbone. I didn’t see a backbone in the Miami Marlins performance last night or for that effect in the last four games. We are last in our group not by lack of talent, but for lack of performance.

I also follow soccer closely. I do even before following baseball. In the last two days, some of the best players in the world, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (aka Kaka) missed penalty kicks that could have taken their teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid to the final of the European Champions Cup. We are talking here big and famous players, we are talking here players known for their performance, drive, endurance and at the end they missed their kicks, they choked under pressure, under the eyes of millions of fans looking at them in the stadium and on tv. With disbelief. They took the air out of the fans, the followers… Last night the Miami Marlins one more time, did the same to me, and to thousands of others watching the game or tv or following via internet or radio. What am I trying to say with the example of the soccer players? That they are humans and of course things happen… but we are not there yet… we are not in the playoffs like they were, we are not even second in our group… we are very far from what they have reached and that is what worries me. We are not there yet and we are falling behind.

I believe in real talent. I believe our team has it. Every single one of them. I believe that all our pitchers are excellent and they all should get the CY Young Award. But an award goes with performance, with what you do in the field. All our pitchers can achieve it… I believe all our Marlin players should get MVP Awards, Silver Slugger Awards, and down the road become inducted to the Hall of Fame.  But all these awards come with performance. Not overthrowing a ball to first base Jose, or not almost crashing into your peer in the outfield Logan Morrison…and most definitely not eating Sun Flower seeds after an error Stanton.

We, the Marlins Fan this season are stronger and more powerful than ever. If you believe the Phillies’ crowds are vocal and crazy, your haven’t seen yet what the Miami Marlins fans will do in our Marlins Park. For years our players have whined about the empty seats, about the lack of support of the fans. Now boys, you have it. Blogs, Tweets, Facebook’s posts, attendance, fans wearing your team’s colors. Now you have it. Now give us what we want, what we wanted for many years…a solid group performing and winning…


La Marlina 2011

On our way to conquer Washington

On our way to conquer Washington.

On our way to conquer Washington

The trip is long. Miami to Washington D.C. It is about 1,054 miles away from our Marlins Park. But, our boys of summer are ready, strong and anxious to visit the Nationals. The feeling in our Marlins’ players minds right now is to compete, to win, to learn from mistakes. That is priceless.  The Washington Nationals are having a huge momentum. They are 10-4, we are 7-6.  A lot of people say that the season is early, but to win, away from home, from our Marlins Park that is growing by the minute under our skin is crucial in the race for the playoffs. Every single game that we lose now, it may haunt us back later in the season. We don’t have to win them all. That is not possible. But we need to win away. We need Hanley hitting singles, doubles and Home Runs without our HR Sculpture expressing the happiness of the fans and a region hungry for victories. We need Jose catching the ball and working a double plays, one after the other. We need Bonifacio stealing more bases, so many that he would need to get a U-haul to take them all back home. We need out pitchers and bullpen accurate and focus. We need to find Stanton and Lomo, and all the rest of wonderful players conquering Washington, becoming the “Presidents” of our future in this 2012 season.

The first game against the Nationals is just hours away. A smile comes to my face thinking of our new beautiful uniforms. Of our boys with happy faces, almost kid’s like but we bats and gloves of Pros. Washington has a lot of history. It is our capital. It may become today the city where the Miami Marlins will make headlines for beating the red-hot Nationals….can’t wait.

Let’s Go Fish. Let’s Go Marlins. Conquer those games. We are waiting back home.


Miami Marlins Chemistry

I have been a fan of baseball for many years. I started following it or not playing video games. I had no idea what baseball was, the rules, the complex dynamic of one of the most wonderful sports ever. Neither to say I got hooked. Then, I visited for the first time a baseball game. Florida Marlins against Colorado Rookies. The score 7-2. My life will never be the same. Baseball was in my DNA and it will be forever. The chemistry of the 2003 team was unique. The hugs, the smiles, the camaraderie. Then, you know what happened next…many years of drought , or pretty much not major performances by our players. Then, 2012. Marlins Park. Miami Marlins. New Uniform, new Ballpark, or better to say our first Ballpark. The Home Run sculpture. The “Lo Viste sign. The “Shhh” sign. New coach, new and older players. Miami Marlins Chemistry to the greatest expression.

We don’t know how far the Miami Marlins will go in this 2012 season…but the chemistry…will reach World Series levels.


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