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Miami Marlins Chemistry

I have been a fan of baseball for many years. I started following it or not playing video games. I had no idea what baseball was, the rules, the complex dynamic of one of the most wonderful sports ever. Neither to say I got hooked. Then, I visited for the first time a baseball game. Florida Marlins against Colorado Rookies. The score 7-2. My life will never be the same. Baseball was in my DNA and it will be forever. The chemistry of the 2003 team was unique. The hugs, the smiles, the camaraderie. Then, you know what happened next…many years of drought , or pretty much not major performances by our players. Then, 2012. Marlins Park. Miami Marlins. New Uniform, new Ballpark, or better to say our first Ballpark. The Home Run sculpture. The “Lo Viste sign. The “Shhh” sign. New coach, new and older players. Miami Marlins Chemistry to the greatest expression.

We don’t know how far the Miami Marlins will go in this 2012 season…but the chemistry…will reach World Series levels.



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