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Even if you “Bunt”and don’t hit a “Home Run” … you still can score a run

Last night I stayed up late. My beloved Marlins were playing in the west coast, in San Francisco to be more exact against the Giants. San Francisco Giants stand on 12-11 and the Marlins 9-14. MARLINS WIN. MARLINS WIN. I can even see (imaginarily) Billy The Marlin waving the MARLINS WIN flag. Those were the two words beating hard in our minds and hearts. We know who we are…we are the Marlins’ followers. The fans. The ones staying up late to watch a team that has struggled historically in the last few weeks.

The beauty of last night (at least for me) was to be able to interact beyond distance with other fans via Twitter, with my television on, with my laptop near me. Comments from the heart of these fans were posted every second. Comments of despair, of nervousness, of that hope in the heart of every Fish Fan. And right then is when I started comparing both kind of comments. The ones between a journalist covering the game and the Marlins’ fans. We are not the same. We are different breeds. They speak and tweet about the Marlins because it is their job. We do it because we love our team, either they win or lose, either they are called the Florida Marlins or the Miami Marlins. They don’t necessarily love and breathe our team like we do. And last night they made it so obvious that they led me to write this blog.

It is discouraging to read and find so much negative coverage of our team. The worst part is that it is from our own local media. We all know how the team is performing. We know we are one of the last teams in the league so far this season. But after a game like last night…where “everything clicked” and “the stars above the AT& T Park aligned perfectly” providing a double play in a crucial moment when Mujica was on the mound, when Stanton hit his second HR of the season, when Nolasco pitched a jewel that was not covered by the major newscasts on TV, when Heath Bell became again the Heath Bell that he always was…the comments of the fans were “exhilarating”. You could feel the energy. The happiness. It seemed like we have won a game during the playoffs.

But the comments from the media either via Twitter or online were in synthesis like this:

“Ok, we won this game but the Miami Marlins  will face an inescapable doomed outcome one way or another” .

That was the feeling they gave me. I swear.

It was mentioned last night during the game that the social media has provided the regular people access to express and communicate beyond imagination. I am not sure if that is considered a threat to some (the insecure ones of course) or not. Those ones whose names I don’t need to mention here. Those ones  that believe that they are “The sluggers” hitting Home Runs out of the ballpark  scoring runs, only because they have the back up of a job in the media industry.

But the ones that just hold the wooden bat tightly, look around, measure the possibilities of creating something, and are always ready to bunt…those regular people tweeting and posting comments everywhere…they also can create a run.


La Marlina2011


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