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Marlins…Home is where the heart is—

I must be one more of the many Marlins’s fans that are full of enthusiasm and somehow in disbelief that we have won the last six games played away from the Miami Marlins Park—our new home.

But I also believe that I must be one of the fans that have little concern about this trend of playing better away from home.  The trend that some of the players:  Nolasco, Hayes and Stanton, feel “better” playing in the West Coast, especially in California.

I do understand what is to be close to the family, that cozy feeling of memories when we were little, of the love of our families that can’t be compared to any other love. I do understand that you feel comfortable with it. But guess what?

Home is where your team is located. Home is where your stadium is. Home is where the organization that you played for and whoever signs your check is. Home ultimately is where your fans, thousands of us are living. And that is inMiamiand all the other cities in South Florida, like in my case.

Home is where the heart is. And it is time for the Miami Marlins players, fans and media finally to understand and feel that we are a major pro baseball team, competing for a spot in the playoffs and hopefully also in the World Series; that we mean serious business; and that we are the Miami Marlins and that we are here to stay. We are not a temporary trend on twitter or in the news.

To achieve that level, we ALL must feel it. We ALL should feel the Miami Marlins Park home. I am talking to you Nolasco, Hayes and Stanton and to anybody else that could relate to this issue.

What do I supposed to expect when you guys come back “Home” to the series against the New York Mets? Are you going to forget to pitch with location? Are you going to miss the West Coast and stop hitting home runs for many games down the road because your mom, aunt or cousin is not looking from the stands? Is that what is going on with Heath Bell? Is he missing his family so bad that he has created a complete chaos all over the team?  Remember we had to bring players from the minors and send players back to accommodate forBell’s mishaps?  Remember Cishek having to come to the rescue and playing and performing like a gold glove veteran?  Thank God for that by the way.

We are your home now. I am sorry that you left family away. I know the feeling too. Most of us in Miami and in South Florida know what is to leave family behind. But we moved on. And we play here hard and successfully. We need you to feel that the East Coast is your home as well as the West Coast. We need you to play in ballparks against very competitive teams and not only focusing on cities that remind you of your family or friends. We need you grounded and mature.

We will be walking into our ballpark this coming weekend, sitting in the stands, and we will be looking at you.  I hope that when you look back at the crowds you see in each one of us… your family too.


LaMarlina 2011


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