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The Happiness of being a Marlin

I am truly sleep deprived. I follow the Miami Marlins closely and since May 1st when they have been playing in the West Coast and, most recently in Houston , I have been up and running late night with the Fishes.

Of the nine games that they played, they only lost one. The loss was in a game that was turned sour by a double error of Infante.  But there is nothing like redemption. And redemption for Infante took place last night on the 12th inning. He hit a ball that allowing two runners to score, and the Astros couldn’t come back in the bottom of the 12th.  The MARLINS WON 5-3 over the Astros.

What I like best about this winning streak is that Marlins fever is beginning to catch on in South Florida .  Earlier today, I had to run some errands. I must confess that I do wear the Miami Marlins colors often.  I also have a Miami Marlins flag and many bumper stickers on my car.   Driving out of the parking from one of my errands, I turned onto the main road.  As I drove out, all of a sudden this silver car, a newer model than mine, appears right on my same lane. It was going much faster that what I was driving, then it slows down almost tail gating me, and I think to myself, oh my…the driver must be upset, he is going to scream profanities, or he will maneuver and maybe would cut me off with his vehicle… but, guess what? The silver car slowly drives by me and it moves in front of my car.  Then, I see a hand coming out of the car’s sunroof.   Oh no—I thought, here it comes.

And then what did I see?  A hand with a Miami Marlins hat!!! The driver was showing me that he is also wearing the Miami Marlins spirit !!!  He waves the hand several times with the Miami Marlins hat.  It was hysterical.  At that moment I shared a big smile with the world, and that short exchange between two strangers made me realize how strong, cheerful and faithful the 2012 Marlins fans are.

This display of Marlins fever was just the most recent one.  It was not a one-time event.  I have seen it often lately. It is the “Happy Marlin Fan Syndrome”.

It definitely helps that our team is winning.  It also helps that we are not last in our group anymore, and that we are coming out of that horrible slump of April, step by step, inning by inning. Winning is wonderful and it energizes us. But, we also get energized by our players: by Hanley’s “shhhhhh” sign and by the famous “Lo Viste” sign of Bonifacio that almost all of our players display after a good hit or catch, even Mr. Loria has done “Lo Viste”.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the Astros Pitcher Jose Lopez’ “Lo Viste.”  He can be as mad as he wants to be…I just thank him for making us feel important. Because We The Marlins are important. Finally, after many long years, the Miami Marlins performance is being analyzed and watched by many more people.  And that I truly love.

Like I said before, I haven’t slept a lot thanks to the games. I will catch up with my beauty sleep later on today. But I wanted to let the Miami Marlins know that I believe in you guys. That your Marlins’ colors are being displayed with pride and joy throughout Florida and beyond. Keep the good job. See you Friday.


La Marlina 2011


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