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My Marlins Experience In a Nutshell

I was recently chosen to be one of about 50 attendees (from several hundred applicants) to attend the Miami Marlins’ Social Media Lounge event.   The Marlins Social was held this past Tuesday at Marlins Park .

Most of the invitees were hardcore, loving fans of our beloved team. We are also part of the media machine though thanks to Tweeter, Facebook, and other apps. Most of us were actively tweeting our fingers away that night. Others invited were in the marketing and social media field. Both groups all seemed to enjoy the venue, the food (which was divine: my favorites were the lobster roll with lime and the ceviche), and of course the game.

Going through the pictures, I see, and almost feel again the vibrant atmosphere that we all experienced and breathed when we were at Marlins Park . I don’t think anybody can understand this feeling unless you have been to the park to watch a game.

Most of the time, I am home watching the game on TV.  When I can’t watch it on TV, I listen to it on the radio, or follow it through apps like MLB.Com at Bat 12.  Whatever the medium I am following the games every day.  Following these games makes a difference in my life and probably on the lives of many others.

I have been sick, very sick in fact over the last several years, all part of my recuperation from three brain surgeries a few years ago.  I still have good and bad days. Family and friends have been my columnar spine during those times, supporting me and loving me. I am eternally thankful to them.

But, do you know who else has been there to support me? My Miami Marlins.  On days when I was so sick that I could hardly move off the couch, the Marlins were my babysitter, my cheerleader, my unconditional friend.  The Marlins media crew covering the game also became my supporters and cheer leaders.  They made me laugh and for those few hours of the game helped me to forget how fragile is life and how easy life can switch from being healthy to not being healthy anymore.

I come to the park as frequently as I can now that I am starting to feel better. And every single time, I swear, I have seen happy faces. I have seen people enjoying themselves, either with family, friends or by themselves. There is something in that park and with our team that heals.

We all don’t have illnesses; thank God and the universe for that. But, I think we all go there in person, to be part of a unique experience, to be part of history.  Like this past Tuesday when Ricky Nolasco obtained his 69th win as a Marlin, the most in team history. I was there, and thousands of other people too!!! Or this past Monday when Giancarlo Stanton’s HR broke the score board, I kid you not. 

Winning is everything in life. But sometimes, participating is winning too. Being part of the Miami Marlins, the social media, the fans are participating, forming their own fan-family. And for me that is winning.


La Marlina 2011


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