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The Faces of the Marlins

I am frustrated. This is kind of a confession and I am glad that I can vent here in my blog.

We have lost two games in a row against the Atlanta Braves. With all my respect which they deserve, I don’t think that they are better than the Marlins, at all, with or without Uggla. We lost because they played better than us or maybe because they were more interested in winning than us. And that thought scares me.

I am an observer, always have been one since I was a child. My uncle used to say that at family reunions I would just sit and not talk, but my eyes and ears were big sponges, sucking in all the things said and expressed. Mostly I would look at everybody’s faces.

They say that the eyes are the window of the soul. I agree to some extent. But the faces, for me, are the windows of the brains and hearts. So, here is my analysis of some of the faces of our beloved Miami Marlins.

We have a big variety of facial expression with our pitchers.  For example, Nolasco.  If he pitches good, his face looks like a photograph, still and without any emotion at all, it looks like he belongs to some royalty of baseball, if that exists. So, I would define him as Prince Nolasco. That is when he pitches good, but what happens if he pitches bad?  Guess what? Nothing !!! He has the same facial expression!!! That sincerely worries me.

Another pitcher, Josh Johnson, when I look at his face during a game, it seems like his is the hardest job in the world or maybe in the whole universe. Not sure why. It is his profession. He is talented. But he seems like this is rocket science or brain surgery. And it is not.

Other pitchers like Zambrano smile all the time. I know he is a Christian. And that joy is transparent during his performance. But really Big “Z”, every single time? It worries me too…

Most of my worries though come from our closer Mr. Heath Bell. He comes running from the bullpen area, and I am not sure if he is going to make it to the mound in one piece or not. Then, the torture for him and us the fans start.  If it is a “good day at the job” he will be focused, and sweating, but only a little bit.  But, if he is not in control of his pitches, the drama unfolds.  He breaths heavy and looks to the stands, not sure why, maybe for a sign of how to do the next pitch?.  His face and neck gets red and flushed, even with our new Park’s air conditioning. It makes me feel that I should call 911 and have the paramedics ready for him.  He is definitely the most expressive of all the pitching staff.

How about some of the position players?  For example, what about the face of Jose Reyes, or maybe “Mr. Colgate” because he smiles a lot?   But, his smile is not like Zambrano’s. He seems to be enjoying what he is doing and gets happy if he hits a single or steals a base. I like that guy. Also, I like him because he is the father of Lil_Jose7… what can I say…it is what it is…

Another of our players, Logan Morrison, better known as Lomo is a piece of art. He is currently playing at first base even though he has been a LF for most of his Marlins career—that is short by the way. But his face is one that I can’t overlook. I wish I could. If the ball passes by him, or if he is not in the position where he should be, he looks confused, and also oblivious. He looks like a college kid at a Fraternity party who realizes there is no booze. I mean it. And that face also appears when he is at bat.  That look honestly bothers me. Sorry Lomo if it doesn’t,  but your look makes it seem as if you don’t care at all.

The other day my brother and I were talking about sports, and the Miami Heat’s lack of performance, etc. We agreed (as if we had the power to decide anything) that salaries in sports should be based by current performance. For example, if you hit a single, such and such amount of money, if you hit a HR, obviously more. A whole new structure of income/salaries for sports players based on performance, not based on the fact that they just showed up and put on their uniforms. But one based on RBIs, grand slams, stolen bases, all the things that the player can do to score and manufacture runs to win a game. If they cannot win, at least they can try to be competitive until the last minute.

But the reality is different. They still get paid the same, based on their past performance and future potential, based on how good their agents are at talking.  At the end of the day though, the fans leave the stands, upset, depressed, with less money in their pockets that when they arrived at the park. Or like me, they are at home in front of the TV, mad as hell when we are losing, maybe with the need to even take a heartburn medication.

But what about the players?  Maybe our losses, either by one run or eleven (ouch, that one still hurts) would have a better acceptance by all of us fans, maybe even to some of other players and for sure our Coach Ozzie, if your faces would look different, if they would look like you really care.

Because at the end of the day, sometimes it comes down to who wants it more.  C’monMiamiMarlins! Want it more than the opposite team… Want it more!




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