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What is common between the Miami Marlins and The Miami Heat?

We, the people of South Florida recently experienced one of the most glorious and sublime feelings that fans and/or players can feel. That is the winning of a title. The Miami Heat, for the second time in their history, and Lebron James, for his first time, have conquered the NBA title of 2012. It is impossible for the media to separate this wonderful moment from the debacle of losing the title  in 2011. It is hard not to compare. Aren’t statistics based on comparison anyway?

Miami Heat’s dream team, Lebron, Wade and Bosch—probably the most hated trio in sports in a long time—didn’t win the title that everybody was waiting , hoping and betting on in 2011. The Miami Marlins started 2012 almost with the same expectations.  The new Marlins had a magnificent new ballpark; new big name baseball players, new uniforms and new name. The dream team of the Miami Marlins wasn’t just three players; it consisted of a whole new structure, almost a new way of thinking and experiencing baseball for Miami. Even the park had a roof to avoid rain delays and the exorbitant and tedious heat and humidity of Florida. But as with all dreams, when you wake up, the reality is different.

It took a lot for the Heat’s coach, organization and players to reach the title on Thursday—that coveted championship. It took getting other players, giving other players more playing time, and putting Wade in the co-pilot seat without losing all the control of the team. It took adjustments and tears; pain and press conferences; and rumors of coaches being fired. It took a lot. The Miami Marlins are the Miami Heat of 2011. We will not get to the finals as the Heat did, but we will have to crash and burn before we raise from the ashes.

Ozzie has a lot of work to do. I don’t know if he is the best person for the job. Time and loses will tell. But The Marlins must go through a lot of growing pains before reach recognition, the playoffs and the MLB title for the third time in the franchise’s history.

From the marketing and business perspective 2012 is excellent, even Showtime is filming us for a series. But, for baseball standards, as of now the 2012 season is and will be one that we all will want to forget.

In the coming season many players will be changed, maybe even coaches, the roof will open and will close many, many times.  All of these things will happen before we get our dream team.

There is a saying that goes “Build it and they will come”. The park is built, the players contracted, but that is not it. The pieces of the puzzle must fit perfectly. And as a puzzle, it takes time, and persistence.

It took a year for the Miami Heat to destroy the nay sayers. I hope the Miami Marlins turn it around and head to stardom and achievements in the next year too!




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