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A Farewell Letter to…

I was going to write about a player that was traded recently. Then I decided that it is better not to look back. It’s not good to bring bad vibes to our young and hopeful team and fans. It is a long and winding road to the World Series in Baseball. And even that is an understatement. It is moving the steering wheel in every curve; it is slowing the speed and speeding up. You need to change a lot of things while you drive, and much more if the road is winding and long.

We started this season with inflated and marketing-oriented hopes. Fans and media fell for it. I did too. But it is part of the machinery. Baseball is a sport. But, it is also a business. It requires a lot of professional scouting and knowledge of the beautiful sport that is baseball, but also it requires luck. We didn’t have it. The Miami Marlins Organization made the right moves.  They traded the right players, Buerhle, Bell, Buck, Reyes, and if some of them didn’t match their previous year’s stats and performance, that is pure luck. Bad luck. The change of name was irrelevant for me. I don’t care if they are called the Miami Marlins or The Florida Marlins, or the Hialeah Trouts. I care about the heart and talent of our team. And also, the unconditional support of our fan base. We needed a Ballpark. And now we have it. It is one of the most beautiful Ballparks in the Nation, whether visiting teams or their broadcasters like it or not. Eat your heart out losers! Our Marlins Park is a jewel.  And so is every single fan that goes there.

We all want to win. It is in our nature. But it is not easy. It takes a lot of pieces working together. You need to change some of the pieces if necessary, like the last trade done by the Marlins. Three experienced players underperforming were traded. Five new and young players were obtained. What does it tell you? That the Miami Marlins are moving the right pieces?  That the team is going to drive that long and winding road again next season but with a different chemistry?  A chemistry change that was overdue for the last two years and a half. In reality, this 2012 Season still has two months more of games to play and I strongly believe that we will be seeing the new young blood wearing our Marlins uniforms pretty soon and starting their journey on that long and winding road.

Don’t look back Miami Marlins. All moves are forward from now on…even if we lose.




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