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A Rough Awakening


It was a rough one. I am not making reference to the last game of the Miami Marlins at Home in which we lost 4-2. It would have been a nice sweep against the Padres. But, it was not. What that game really stood for was a forecast of the games to come. Nobody saw that, not me, not the thousands of fans full of hope and cheers that had experienced the 5-2 record, nor the media people covering the Marlins that only a few days ago were praising them up and down—“The New Marlins 2014”

Visiting Washington has never been easy; Neither Philadelphia. It must be something in the Northern air that our Fishes can’t breathe? Or maybe it is related to our Fishes getting a false confidence when they beat the Padres and Rockies which probably will be on the basement standings by the end of this season. So, I followed closely every game. I saw the empty Ballparks… (Yes, people, not only Marlins Park has empty seats), the lineup, Coach Redmond aka “Walker Zombie” Redmond . I had still the sweet taste of Opening Day in my mouth… but not for long.

I am not a Statistics Baseball Guru. I don’t want to be. There are other people and software assigned for that. I am just a Miami Marlins Fan. And as such, the pain reached an unbearable level when we finished losing all the “Away” games. Not one or two, but all six games. All of a sudden, the Nationals became the talk of the MLB because they produced two Grand Slams out of their batters, beating the “5-2 up and coming Miami Fishes”. Then, three games against the Phillies. The age difference between the Fishes and the Phillies is abysmal. I got nothing against oldies. I am going that way, for sure sooner or later, like it or not. Youth is a treasure, but youth gives also disadvantage. The oldies like Utley, Rollins, Carlos Ruiz and Howard all of a sudden became possessed by their own old spirits, and crashed all our hopes of winning at least one game… one of six… plssssssssssss…but it didn’t happened.

The scores against the Phillies 6-3, 5-4, and 4-3 show a close margin of runs, especially the last two, but if you saw the game on TV or listened it on the Radio, the margin was much bigger than those numbers. The margin difference was created first by Redmond with his ineptitude and passionless demeanor. I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. And he is hurting my team. My young and so easily influenced team. When we are young, we look up to our older siblings and parents. Stone-faced “Walker Zombie” Redmond is not someone to look up to.

I wished that this morning when I woke up, these last seven games were only a nightmare, a nightmare than all Marlins fans experienced over and over again and as soon as the sunlight crossed my window it would disappeared. But it didn’t. That was a rough road trip. It was a rough awakening for all of us. And I have a feeling that even if Mr. Loria and Mr. Samson may be far and away, in Europe sipping an expensive wine or champagne with friends and family, or in Asia , visiting Landmarks and touristic areas, they followed every single thing that happened on those last six games. And they are not happy. Hint.. Hint…

We play tonight again. Three games against the Always Overrated Nationals and three against the Mariners. The Mariners team is coming to our Marlins Park with a 6-5 record finding themselves as 2nd in the AL Division. We are 5-8 below the Mets. Argggghhhh!!! I am awake now. Roughed up but awake. Let’s see what we can do to mend the first and hopefully last disastrous road trip that we just saw.

Love my Fishes. #LETSGOFISH

La Marlina2011

Rough Awakening


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