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Y volver, volver, volver… ( To comeback, to comeback, to comeback

It has been a long time since my last post. My last post was related to Jose. His absence changed a lot. His departure has changed players, the organization and us, the fans. We will always think of him and will see his childish smile, but we need to move on.

The title of this post is based on a famous song that many spanish speaking singers have performed it throughout the years. Which is mostly a romantic song but it is also about the theme of coming back.

And that is what I want to do this 2018. Volver to the Miami Marlins Park. But as hard as it maybe for a lover to go back to an ex as Camilo Sesto states in this wonderful composition, for me going back to the Park or even watching the games on tv has become a headache. And honestly is even causing me a lot of anxiety which is something that I have never experienced before a baseball season.

Not all players traded were my favorites. By example, Stanton which I used to called “Stantonto” (tonto at the end) because we had to see him being such an idiot season after season, time after time. Always standing at the base and not hitting any balls. Or creating double plays. Or at the end of the ninth inning needing from him just a hit to get a walk off…nope… we hardly saw things like that created by Stantonto. He is also known by some radio people as Mr. Croqueta, because he was basically mediocre and nothing good to expect from him.

I know I know. The lovers of Stantonto will hate me. And that is ok. But that is not only my opinion but it is the opinion of many other people. His HRs are impressive but he was never team oriented  He always wanted to leave the team and now, even after Jose’s departure he has the nerve to talk about the dead boy, saying that Jose told him he would hit 60 Hrs and that both were going to play for the Yankees.  That is just plain and simple fake news Mr. Croqueta. If something Jose loved more than anything were his cubans, his city of Miami and all his people were here.

So Bye Bye Stantonto. Don’t want to know anything about you and about your lame comments.

Some other players are really a plain mistake to let go. Dee Gordon by example, or Ozuna. I know other players were traded too. But I strongly believe that letting go Gordon and Ozuna was a humongous error from this new organization. They were not the face of the Marlins like they wanted to be Stanton. But they got the hearts of the media and also of the fans.

Praise the Lord that Realmuto and Justin Bour are still with the team. I love them, I think that they are one of the best players in the league but nobody knows about it of course because we are not the Yankees, or the Nationals or the Dodgers. But they have the class and skills to be counted on the top 10.

I am going need some time to get used to the new names. The new faces. The new numbers on their jerseys. And honestly that is painful for each and everyone of the fans. I don’t know Mr. Jeter. I only know he was one of the greatest players of the Yankees and of the MLB for many years. I don’t like his moves trading Ozuna and Gordon. He will regret that sooner than later. I bet on that.

So, basically I am struggling. Like in the song. Maybe you do know or not spanish. But you can see in Camilo Sesto’s performance that he is struggling too. He sings that he is passionate to come back. To her arms again…(that doesn’t apply here)… I will reach you wherever you are… I know how to lose. I know how to lose. I want to come back,…volver, volver, volver.
I do want to go back. But also I need to come to terms that “I know how to lose” And that this team is not like the one before. That even if they would lose a lot of games I would watched every single game on TV or at the Park. And maybe, only maybe this new trade or fire sale will be better for the team and its performance in the baseball season.

Enjoy the song and the video placed below and see you at the Marlins Park. Or maybe we will interact one day via Twitter and agree with the Marlina’s inspiration and thoughts behind the song and my lovely team of the Miami Marlins.




This was Jose

This was Jose       

The awful news came early in the morning to my ears. My spouse woke me up to let me know before I would read it by myself in Twitter. Trying to make this unbelievable and painful news better to grasp and digest.

Still, even with that thoughtful thinking the pain was immense.

Then, the news on TV covering a major boat accident with fatalities. The news anchor visibly hurt but not mentioning his name yet. Twitter exploded. In disbelief and in pain.

Jose Fernandez, our Rookie of The Year, our Twice All Star Game, our Miami Marlins Pitcher died in a boat accident.

I have been a Miami Marlins for many years, right after they started as a Franchise. I was really hooked after the second World Series Championship. That is where I started feeling that connection beyond words and blood with some players, like Ivan “Pudge”  Rodriguez,  Juan Pierre or Mike Lowell.

But nothing like with this 2016 Miami Marlins Team. Too many favorites to count, besides Jose of course, Realmutto, Dee Gordon, Prado, Bour, Stanton, A.J. Ramos, Yelich, Dietrich, etc. You could see the electricity, the love, the camaraderie in the team. It was not a media o P.R. move. It was true.

On Wednesday morning I come out of the house to run some errands. I had to get out of the house after many tears and many hours reading the internet and watching the TV covering his death and the death of other two other young men that were tragically in the boat with him.

I go to a doctor’s appointment. After that, I decided to stop by a Sports Store. Dick’s Sport is on my way and my heart is telling me to look for something related to the Marlins. Maybe a Flag. Maybe another item. I looked all over and then I found a beautiful embroided flag with the big M in our team colors with a black background. This is the one I think. You are coming home with me. After snooping around for a while I go to the cashier. I forgot to mention that I was wearing a black T-shirt with Stanton 27 in the back  that belongs to my spouse because I didn’t have any other black shirt to use, so I took it. (Thanks Love). I also was wearing my Marlins cap, with white and black colors and our big M in the front.

At the cashier, this young woman looks at me and she says, in a normal customer service cashier voice, how are you doing? and I answered ok. She looks at me knowing that I am not ok, because I am not, I look sad obviously and then she starts talking and talking about Jose and Jose’s death. That it is unbelievable, that he was so young, and such a talented pitcher for the Miami Marlins. She even knew some of his stats, like that he was 29-2 at the Marlins Park. I was happily surprise and she even brought a smile to my face and I say to her : ” Wow. You know a lot about Jose and the Miami Marlins”. She responds with a smile, I am sorry, I am not a Marlins fan to tell you the truth but I follow sports and this is simply awful. I paid the flag, that by the way she gave me a discount on it. She wishes me to have a good day. I answered same to you. As I walk out of the store, I hear her voice saying, at least try a little to have a nice day.  She knew how I was feeling and how devastating the departure of an idol would be. I have never seen her before thou she cared for my sadness and for the departure of Jose.

My next stop is a drive thru visit to my pharmacy, CVS to pick up some medications, the line is long but I am in the car, so I don’t care too much and honestly I am a little numb for all this happening. Finally I get to the window, the lady taking care of it attends me cordially and leaves the window for a moment to get my meds after checking my name and date of birth. She comes back pretty soon and I started to pay and sign some receipt and I ask her if Daniel is in today? She looks inside and says yes. I tell her, say hi to him from me, thinking that he must be busy. Well, next thing I know he is next to her by the drive thru window extending his hand to shake mine. I am very sorry, I can’t believe it, Jose is gone he says to me. His face looks sad and still in shock. Daniel is one of the nicest people I have ever met in a pharmacy. He is a Miami Marlins fan. Hardcore like me. He talks and talks and repeats all the details that I already know of his accident. I think he knows I know but he needs to say it, I can see that it is therapeutic for him and also for me of course. Again after talking for few minutes, and with nobody behind me in the line, he comes again closer to the drive thru window and shakes my hand and says, he is irreplaceable. What are we going to do without him, he asks me ? it is so sad I say to him, take care he says to me and goes back to work, back to usual business. I drive away. Tears in my eyes again.

Last stop on my morning errands is to stop to get few groceries at Publix. I park, walk to the store and grab my cart. Pick up few things, not many this time and I go to the cashier. I am already at the end ready to pay with the debit card and this lady next to me, asks me “Where you at the Marlins Park last night”?. I get a little surprise because people unless they have seen me before in a store, don’t address me for anything. Almost immediately I register, she has noticed my t-shirt and cap. I am a Marlins Fan. I said no, I wasn’t but I watched it on TV. Devastating I indicate to her.  She says that she hasn’t cry this much as well as her husband ever for somebody that it is not family. I tell her that I think that is the issue with Jose, he made himself part of our life, part of our not blood related family that we all carry and love.  Next I asked for change of a five dollar bill and the not so enthusiastic cashier tells me that he can’t change it, to go to Customer Service. From here I can see the three lines of the crowded customer service. and I said to myself and to him: “do not worry about it” and I leave with the bagger helping me with the cart. This threw me off and I left without saying bye to the lady that spoke to me about Jose. To that lady that looked sad. To that lady that connected to me because she was connected to him. Amazing.

I wanted and needed to share this with you today because this is what Jose was. I don’t live in Miami therefore you would think not many Marlins fans are here, or people following this news.

But, it is not true. Jose crossed many more frontiers than the ones that brought him to the U.S.A. He crossed counties frontiers, from Miami Dade County, to Broward, to Palm Beach and so on. He also crossed States frontiers when he played in other baseball parks. I don’t know if he ever crossed a frontier outside of the United States, if he visited ever Europe, or Canada or Argentina. Needless to say that I never met him in person, so truly don’t know if he crossed those frontiers or not.

But he needed to cross one more frontier in his short life. He needed to cross “The Last Frontier”. It was written in that book of life that we all have. And he did crossed  it on the early hours of Sunday September 25, 2016.

No more frontiers to cross Jose. No more pain and sorrow for you. My faith tells me that we will see you again one day. Then, I will tell you in person and in spirit this same story…who was Jose for us. And we will smile.


La Marlina2011

My Miami Marlins are giving me headaches


It is early in the season. But, it is important to be realistic and be aware that we have played 10 games of which we only have won 3 and lost 7. Not even one single win in our beautiful Marlins’ Park.

We have excellent new coaches and managers this season 2016. Many are the envy of other teams. Like having Barry Bonds as a hitting coach and Mattingly as The Big Chalupa of our team.

I do want to write about my team winning. There is nothing more uplifting than to see them win. The happiness showing in their faces. The hope of the fans to become part of a playoff team again.  But for you to win in this professional baseball league you have to think besides having skills and talent. My opinion today about my Fishes is that they are not thinking and here is a an…

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My Miami Marlins are giving me headaches

It is early in the season. But, it is important to be realistic and be aware that we have played 10 games of which we only have won 3 and lost 7. Not even one single win in our beautiful Marlins’ Park.

We have excellent new coaches and managers this season 2016. Many are the envy of other teams. Like having Barry Bonds as a hitting coach and Mattingly as The Big Chalupa of our team.

I do want to write about my team winning. There is nothing more uplifting than to see them win. The happiness showing in their faces. The hope of the fans to become part of a playoff team again.  But for you to win in this professional baseball league you have to think besides having skills and talent. My opinion today about my Fishes is that they are not thinking and here is a an example to support my theory

Ichiro Suzuki is a legend. We were given an extra favor from the Gods of Baseball when we got him for a second season with us.

It is the bottom of the ninth against the Atlanta Braves. (A bad team. Any way you see them. Unfortunately we were going to lose again against them). Ichiro at bat. He beautifully swings and hits for the second time in the same game. The ball goes flying strongly to the left and passes the third base player of the Braves which by the way flies to reach for the ball like a real superhero.

We tied. Bottom of the 9th. We will avoid the sweep. My heart beats faster. I have a smile on my face. The next batter Dee Gordon (one of my favorite players if not the favorite) swings to a first pitch and the inning is over. True story. The 9th Inning is over. Also it is over our chance to make more runs after Ichiro tied the game and obtained our 1st win at home.

Dee Gordon truly and solely killed the momentum. He didn’t think. He does have the skills and talent. Nobody can question that. But in that specific moment, a first pitch and his swing becomes the third out. We go to extra innings my friends. Not everything is lost

But who am I kidding. A Jackson, not related to the artistic family comes to pitch for The Miami Marlins for the 10th inning. Guess what is next? Something much more than a Thriller, no pun intended. He loses control of his pitching (if he ever had it to begin with). And the game is lost. Sweep. By the 0-9 Atlanta Braves before arriving to our Magic City.

Thinking is not optional. Especially not in baseball that is 90% mind control and 10% muscles. Emotions can make us stop thinking. But our competitive soul (that competitive entity that all of us in love with baseball carry inside of us) must control our emotions. And ultimately it should let our minds do what they do best: To think

Love you My Miami Marlins. Good luck tonight







A Rough Awakening


It was a rough one. I am not making reference to the last game of the Miami Marlins at Home in which we lost 4-2. It would have been a nice sweep against the Padres. But, it was not. What that game really stood for was a forecast of the games to come. Nobody saw that, not me, not the thousands of fans full of hope and cheers that had experienced the 5-2 record, nor the media people covering the Marlins that only a few days ago were praising them up and down—“The New Marlins 2014”

Visiting Washington has never been easy; Neither Philadelphia. It must be something in the Northern air that our Fishes can’t breathe? Or maybe it is related to our Fishes getting a false confidence when they beat the Padres and Rockies which probably will be on the basement standings by the end of this season. So, I followed closely every game. I saw the empty Ballparks… (Yes, people, not only Marlins Park has empty seats), the lineup, Coach Redmond aka “Walker Zombie” Redmond . I had still the sweet taste of Opening Day in my mouth… but not for long.

I am not a Statistics Baseball Guru. I don’t want to be. There are other people and software assigned for that. I am just a Miami Marlins Fan. And as such, the pain reached an unbearable level when we finished losing all the “Away” games. Not one or two, but all six games. All of a sudden, the Nationals became the talk of the MLB because they produced two Grand Slams out of their batters, beating the “5-2 up and coming Miami Fishes”. Then, three games against the Phillies. The age difference between the Fishes and the Phillies is abysmal. I got nothing against oldies. I am going that way, for sure sooner or later, like it or not. Youth is a treasure, but youth gives also disadvantage. The oldies like Utley, Rollins, Carlos Ruiz and Howard all of a sudden became possessed by their own old spirits, and crashed all our hopes of winning at least one game… one of six… plssssssssssss…but it didn’t happened.

The scores against the Phillies 6-3, 5-4, and 4-3 show a close margin of runs, especially the last two, but if you saw the game on TV or listened it on the Radio, the margin was much bigger than those numbers. The margin difference was created first by Redmond with his ineptitude and passionless demeanor. I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. And he is hurting my team. My young and so easily influenced team. When we are young, we look up to our older siblings and parents. Stone-faced “Walker Zombie” Redmond is not someone to look up to.

I wished that this morning when I woke up, these last seven games were only a nightmare, a nightmare than all Marlins fans experienced over and over again and as soon as the sunlight crossed my window it would disappeared. But it didn’t. That was a rough road trip. It was a rough awakening for all of us. And I have a feeling that even if Mr. Loria and Mr. Samson may be far and away, in Europe sipping an expensive wine or champagne with friends and family, or in Asia , visiting Landmarks and touristic areas, they followed every single thing that happened on those last six games. And they are not happy. Hint.. Hint…

We play tonight again. Three games against the Always Overrated Nationals and three against the Mariners. The Mariners team is coming to our Marlins Park with a 6-5 record finding themselves as 2nd in the AL Division. We are 5-8 below the Mets. Argggghhhh!!! I am awake now. Roughed up but awake. Let’s see what we can do to mend the first and hopefully last disastrous road trip that we just saw.

Love my Fishes. #LETSGOFISH

La Marlina2011

Rough Awakening

My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan…

My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan….

My opinion as a Miami Marlin Fan…

I have followed closely the acquisition of new players, new team’s name, new Ballpark. Finally, the season started. As of yesterday, our beloved Miami Marlins are last in the National League East with seven wins and ten loses. It is early in the season, and we know there is no need to panic. But it is also time to discuss things. It is better now than later.

Games are not won only by goodwill. Games are won by performance. Last night, Jose Reyes overthrew an easy ball to our first base Gaby Sanchez. Last night with two people in base our catcher Buck hits into the third out. Last night Giancarlo Stanton made another error. Last night Lomo and Bonifacio almost injured each other trying to catch an easy ball to the outfield. Am I wrong if I am asking all the players to perform to expectations? I don’t believe so.

For any sports, and I follow many, a player either a woman or a man must have a drive. A wish bone, but also they need a backbone. I didn’t see a backbone in the Miami Marlins performance last night or for that effect in the last four games. We are last in our group not by lack of talent, but for lack of performance.

I also follow soccer closely. I do even before following baseball. In the last two days, some of the best players in the world, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (aka Kaka) missed penalty kicks that could have taken their teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid to the final of the European Champions Cup. We are talking here big and famous players, we are talking here players known for their performance, drive, endurance and at the end they missed their kicks, they choked under pressure, under the eyes of millions of fans looking at them in the stadium and on tv. With disbelief. They took the air out of the fans, the followers… Last night the Miami Marlins one more time, did the same to me, and to thousands of others watching the game or tv or following via internet or radio. What am I trying to say with the example of the soccer players? That they are humans and of course things happen… but we are not there yet… we are not in the playoffs like they were, we are not even second in our group… we are very far from what they have reached and that is what worries me. We are not there yet and we are falling behind.

I believe in real talent. I believe our team has it. Every single one of them. I believe that all our pitchers are excellent and they all should get the CY Young Award. But an award goes with performance, with what you do in the field. All our pitchers can achieve it… I believe all our Marlin players should get MVP Awards, Silver Slugger Awards, and down the road become inducted to the Hall of Fame.  But all these awards come with performance. Not overthrowing a ball to first base Jose, or not almost crashing into your peer in the outfield Logan Morrison…and most definitely not eating Sun Flower seeds after an error Stanton.

We, the Marlins Fan this season are stronger and more powerful than ever. If you believe the Phillies’ crowds are vocal and crazy, your haven’t seen yet what the Miami Marlins fans will do in our Marlins Park. For years our players have whined about the empty seats, about the lack of support of the fans. Now boys, you have it. Blogs, Tweets, Facebook’s posts, attendance, fans wearing your team’s colors. Now you have it. Now give us what we want, what we wanted for many years…a solid group performing and winning…


La Marlina 2011

On our way to conquer Washington

On our way to conquer Washington.

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