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What is your favorite ice cream flavor or way to win, Marlins?

There are different ways to do anything, especially, winning a baseball game. At the end though, the last inning will drag in your memory—for some only for a while and for others only until the next game.  In the last few games, we have seen different “flavors” of our beloved team the Miami Marlins. They have ended each game in a very different manner, like the different flavors of ice cream.

May 15—Marlins Beat Pittsburgh Pirates!
Working as a closer, Randy Choate seals the game giving Josh Johnson a deserved and extremely due “W.”  There was nothing crazy about the end of this game.  And, for the first time in a while, the Marlins looked matured and settled.  No late inning heroics were necessary.  The settled ending may even allow some fans to forget Stanton’s great catch which made #2 on ESPN Sport Center’s greatest plays of the game, or the fact that our sometimes lifeless batters were unable to knock in Bonifacio to score a run after his triple.

*Flavor of the day* Chocolate

May 13—Mother’s Day—Marlins Beat NY Mets!
It’s the bottom of the ninth, and the bases are loaded with two outs.  Stanton comes to the plate, and next, a grand slam!  It’s the first slam at our new Marlins Park, and the first homerun for Giancarlo at Marlins Park—that controversial too big for hitters, pitcher’s park.  To be honest with you, I didn’t see it coming. I had a little tiny hope in the back of my mind though.  What I really was thinking at that moment was that Giancarlo owed it to himself to hit it out of the park.  I wasn’t sure it could happen, but Giancarlo made me a believer one more time.

*Flavor of the day* Strawberry

May 11—Marlins Beat NY Mets!
A struggling Heath Bell once again comes into the game, this time though he gets three quick outs!  The bottom of the ninth comes and we are still down one run.  Will there be any more walk-off heroics before the crowd of 31,000 plus fans at the ballpark?  Yes, there is!  Dobbs singles; the fans cheer their hearts out, and the Fish win again! Do I need to say more?

*Flavor of the day* Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl

The one thing that is certain that most fans and media specialists will agree with me is that the Miami Marlins are not for the weak of heart. All of our players are excellent professionals but baseball is a very psychological game and the mind can take you high or can take you low. These highs and lows often show up in our wins and losses.

So the question is which end of a game is more fulfilling?  Probably the majority of readers will say it was the Mothers day grand slam—the strawberry ice cream.  It is true that that play is going to be one of the most memorable of the new Miami Marlins team for a long time. But in my opinion the best end of the last few games was last night—the chocolate flavored ice cream.  With JJ pitching an excellent seven innings, with Hanley and Bonifacio making contact with the ball earlier in the game, and with Choate quietly closing the game and walking off the mound chatting with Buck—a big, content smile on his face, the Miami Marlins looked focus and were all business. That is the team that I would like to see over and over again until the sweet day when we make the playoffs.

Sorry Stanton, your grand slam will always bring a smile to my face when I remember it or watch it on replayed on television, but last night’s game was a concentrated effort from all parts of our team, and that is what we all want and need. Even though strawberry is one of my favorite fruits and flavors, for now Chocolate is the winner.

La Marlina 2011


Marlins…Home is where the heart is—

I must be one more of the many Marlins’s fans that are full of enthusiasm and somehow in disbelief that we have won the last six games played away from the Miami Marlins Park—our new home.

But I also believe that I must be one of the fans that have little concern about this trend of playing better away from home.  The trend that some of the players:  Nolasco, Hayes and Stanton, feel “better” playing in the West Coast, especially in California.

I do understand what is to be close to the family, that cozy feeling of memories when we were little, of the love of our families that can’t be compared to any other love. I do understand that you feel comfortable with it. But guess what?

Home is where your team is located. Home is where your stadium is. Home is where the organization that you played for and whoever signs your check is. Home ultimately is where your fans, thousands of us are living. And that is inMiamiand all the other cities in South Florida, like in my case.

Home is where the heart is. And it is time for the Miami Marlins players, fans and media finally to understand and feel that we are a major pro baseball team, competing for a spot in the playoffs and hopefully also in the World Series; that we mean serious business; and that we are the Miami Marlins and that we are here to stay. We are not a temporary trend on twitter or in the news.

To achieve that level, we ALL must feel it. We ALL should feel the Miami Marlins Park home. I am talking to you Nolasco, Hayes and Stanton and to anybody else that could relate to this issue.

What do I supposed to expect when you guys come back “Home” to the series against the New York Mets? Are you going to forget to pitch with location? Are you going to miss the West Coast and stop hitting home runs for many games down the road because your mom, aunt or cousin is not looking from the stands? Is that what is going on with Heath Bell? Is he missing his family so bad that he has created a complete chaos all over the team?  Remember we had to bring players from the minors and send players back to accommodate forBell’s mishaps?  Remember Cishek having to come to the rescue and playing and performing like a gold glove veteran?  Thank God for that by the way.

We are your home now. I am sorry that you left family away. I know the feeling too. Most of us in Miami and in South Florida know what is to leave family behind. But we moved on. And we play here hard and successfully. We need you to feel that the East Coast is your home as well as the West Coast. We need you to play in ballparks against very competitive teams and not only focusing on cities that remind you of your family or friends. We need you grounded and mature.

We will be walking into our ballpark this coming weekend, sitting in the stands, and we will be looking at you.  I hope that when you look back at the crowds you see in each one of us… your family too.


LaMarlina 2011

Chocolate and The Miami Marlins

What is in chocolate that I love so much? I did my research and considering that I recently finished a class in Nutrition,  I came out with different answers to my question as everything in science… But I truly believe that it is the same ingredient that works in all of us Miami Marlins fans and players when we win… when MARLINS WIN!

Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins released into the brain. The endorphins work to lessen pain and decrease stress. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of the brain. They work by transporting electrical signals between nerve cells. These signals cause changes in the sensations and emotions that we experience. Chocolate (one of my favorite things in the whole world) contains Tryptophan which is  a chemical that the brain uses to make a neurotransmitter called serotonin. When our Marlins are focused, when no errors are done, when the defence is alert… The Miami Marlins become like chocolate.

Our Boys of Summer are in the west coast. Far from our new Ballpark. Far from the last few games and far from that awful month of April 2012.  That automatically seems to have released the stress that they had previously. I see Jose smiling again, I see Stanton hitting Home Runs like if somebody is breathing air in…so, like in and with  chocolate, some chemistry is working in each of them. At different levels of course.

Our standings as of today is pretty sad. Should I stop writing now and go for a chocolate? Hehe, no, I will wait a bit.

Of the 30 teams in the MLB we are number 27. Ouch! Of the 25 games played we have hit 830 times but only 81 runs, we reached second base on 39 times, third base 6 times and hold on, this one is discouraging: we are second in the season with batters grounding to a double play with 27 times. We are second only to the Toronto Blue Jays which are 1st with 30 double plays OUCH!~~~.

But not everything is gloom people. We are #1, YES,  #1 in stolen bases. That is admirable. I wish I could provide more #1 stats, but I can’t.  At least not yet. I am pretty sure that those days will come. As I hope also the days will come when the will post more Miami Marlins news ( a big sweep to the Giants in their house could be one)  in the top ten headlines…wishful thinking…just saying.

Many movies, books, recipes have been created related to chocolate. All have been famous or at least popular enough to still be around. The Miami Marlins have the chemistry, the talent, the youth and professionalism to give us sensations, emotions and wins. I will go now and eat a piece of chocolate. I will watch you win later Fishes…


LaMarlina 2011

Even if you “Bunt”and don’t hit a “Home Run” … you still can score a run

Even if you “Bunt”and don’t hit a “Home Run” … you still can score a run.

Miami Marlins Chemistry

I have been a fan of baseball for many years. I started following it or not playing video games. I had no idea what baseball was, the rules, the complex dynamic of one of the most wonderful sports ever. Neither to say I got hooked. Then, I visited for the first time a baseball game. Florida Marlins against Colorado Rookies. The score 7-2. My life will never be the same. Baseball was in my DNA and it will be forever. The chemistry of the 2003 team was unique. The hugs, the smiles, the camaraderie. Then, you know what happened next…many years of drought , or pretty much not major performances by our players. Then, 2012. Marlins Park. Miami Marlins. New Uniform, new Ballpark, or better to say our first Ballpark. The Home Run sculpture. The “Lo Viste sign. The “Shhh” sign. New coach, new and older players. Miami Marlins Chemistry to the greatest expression.

We don’t know how far the Miami Marlins will go in this 2012 season…but the chemistry…will reach World Series levels.


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