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My Miami Marlins are giving me headaches

It is early in the season. But, it is important to be realistic and be aware that we have played 10 games of which we only have won 3 and lost 7. Not even one single win in our beautiful Marlins’ Park.

We have excellent new coaches and managers this season 2016. Many are the envy of other teams. Like having Barry Bonds as a hitting coach and Mattingly as The Big Chalupa of our team.

I do want to write about my team winning. There is nothing more uplifting than to see them win. The happiness showing in their faces. The hope of the fans to become part of a playoff team again.  But for you to win in this professional baseball league you have to think besides having skills and talent. My opinion today about my Fishes is that they are not thinking and here is a an example to support my theory

Ichiro Suzuki is a legend. We were given an extra favor from the Gods of Baseball when we got him for a second season with us.

It is the bottom of the ninth against the Atlanta Braves. (A bad team. Any way you see them. Unfortunately we were going to lose again against them). Ichiro at bat. He beautifully swings and hits for the second time in the same game. The ball goes flying strongly to the left and passes the third base player of the Braves which by the way flies to reach for the ball like a real superhero.

We tied. Bottom of the 9th. We will avoid the sweep. My heart beats faster. I have a smile on my face. The next batter Dee Gordon (one of my favorite players if not the favorite) swings to a first pitch and the inning is over. True story. The 9th Inning is over. Also it is over our chance to make more runs after Ichiro tied the game and obtained our 1st win at home.

Dee Gordon truly and solely killed the momentum. He didn’t think. He does have the skills and talent. Nobody can question that. But in that specific moment, a first pitch and his swing becomes the third out. We go to extra innings my friends. Not everything is lost

But who am I kidding. A Jackson, not related to the artistic family comes to pitch for The Miami Marlins for the 10th inning. Guess what is next? Something much more than a Thriller, no pun intended. He loses control of his pitching (if he ever had it to begin with). And the game is lost. Sweep. By the 0-9 Atlanta Braves before arriving to our Magic City.

Thinking is not optional. Especially not in baseball that is 90% mind control and 10% muscles. Emotions can make us stop thinking. But our competitive soul (that competitive entity that all of us in love with baseball carry inside of us) must control our emotions. And ultimately it should let our minds do what they do best: To think

Love you My Miami Marlins. Good luck tonight








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