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Y volver, volver, volver… ( To comeback, to comeback, to comeback

It has been a long time since my last post. My last post was related to Jose. His absence changed a lot. His departure has changed players, the organization and us, the fans. We will always think of him and will see his childish smile, but we need to move on.

The title of this post is based on a famous song that many spanish speaking singers have performed it throughout the years. Which is mostly a romantic song but it is also about the theme of coming back.

And that is what I want to do this 2018. Volver to the Miami Marlins Park. But as hard as it maybe for a lover to go back to an ex as Camilo Sesto states in this wonderful composition, for me going back to the Park or even watching the games on tv has become a headache. And honestly is even causing me a lot of anxiety which is something that I have never experienced before a baseball season.

Not all players traded were my favorites. By example, Stanton which I used to called “Stantonto” (tonto at the end) because we had to see him being such an idiot season after season, time after time. Always standing at the base and not hitting any balls. Or creating double plays. Or at the end of the ninth inning needing from him just a hit to get a walk off…nope… we hardly saw things like that created by Stantonto. He is also known by some radio people as Mr. Croqueta, because he was basically mediocre and nothing good to expect from him.

I know I know. The lovers of Stantonto will hate me. And that is ok. But that is not only my opinion but it is the opinion of many other people. His HRs are impressive but he was never team oriented  He always wanted to leave the team and now, even after Jose’s departure he has the nerve to talk about the dead boy, saying that Jose told him he would hit 60 Hrs and that both were going to play for the Yankees.  That is just plain and simple fake news Mr. Croqueta. If something Jose loved more than anything were his cubans, his city of Miami and all his people were here.

So Bye Bye Stantonto. Don’t want to know anything about you and about your lame comments.

Some other players are really a plain mistake to let go. Dee Gordon by example, or Ozuna. I know other players were traded too. But I strongly believe that letting go Gordon and Ozuna was a humongous error from this new organization. They were not the face of the Marlins like they wanted to be Stanton. But they got the hearts of the media and also of the fans.

Praise the Lord that Realmuto and Justin Bour are still with the team. I love them, I think that they are one of the best players in the league but nobody knows about it of course because we are not the Yankees, or the Nationals or the Dodgers. But they have the class and skills to be counted on the top 10.

I am going need some time to get used to the new names. The new faces. The new numbers on their jerseys. And honestly that is painful for each and everyone of the fans. I don’t know Mr. Jeter. I only know he was one of the greatest players of the Yankees and of the MLB for many years. I don’t like his moves trading Ozuna and Gordon. He will regret that sooner than later. I bet on that.

So, basically I am struggling. Like in the song. Maybe you do know or not spanish. But you can see in Camilo Sesto’s performance that he is struggling too. He sings that he is passionate to come back. To her arms again…(that doesn’t apply here)… I will reach you wherever you are… I know how to lose. I know how to lose. I want to come back,…volver, volver, volver.
I do want to go back. But also I need to come to terms that “I know how to lose” And that this team is not like the one before. That even if they would lose a lot of games I would watched every single game on TV or at the Park. And maybe, only maybe this new trade or fire sale will be better for the team and its performance in the baseball season.

Enjoy the song and the video placed below and see you at the Marlins Park. Or maybe we will interact one day via Twitter and agree with the Marlina’s inspiration and thoughts behind the song and my lovely team of the Miami Marlins.




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