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It is 2013!!!

It is 2013. A few months have passed since the shock.  If you are a Miami Marlins fan, or if you follow baseball you know what I am talking about…even if you are not…it was all over the news.  Mr. Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins traded some of the most valuable, arguably underachieving players of our team.

I can’t deny it. I am biased.  I like some players more than others. I like the ones that play hard and battle every game.  My favorites were Reyes, Bonifacio, Infante (who was traded before the last ones) and Buerhle.  The pain that you created, Mr. Loria, was hard to compare to any other sports-related pain I have experienced.  I am not from Baltimore, but those who are—the victims of one of the worst “hit and runs” in sports history when the Colts were stolen from the city in the middle of the night almost thirty years ago—they know this pain.  Those Colts’ fans know this pain.  It was a brutal move.

But this move, Mr. Loria, was also brutal.  Not because you traded five players at the end of a crazy and demoralizing season. But because you lifted our hopes up, so high and then let us fall.  How did you do that? Very well for sure: promises of a bright future; a new stadium—beautiful and comfortable; a new name; and a new uniform that I thought was awful at first.  But after a few weeks, to tell you the truth, then, it grew on me.  We all have a weak side, don’t we?

In 2012, you went out and got some of the best players in the league and put them together under the supervision and coaching of Mr.Guillen.  What happened:  We finished with one of the worse seasons, 93 losses, pretty sad.

But, it is 2013. The sun is shining outside in our beautiful South Florida.  The hope starts growing again in our hearts, and some of us are already talking about buying Spring Training Tickets and about attending our beautiful Marlins Park. There is nothing better than time to heal any wound. And some time has passed, not enough though.  I am still waiting to hear what the Fox Sports commentators Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton have to say about your moves, but life goes on.

We still have one of the best players in the whole league–Stanton. We also have acquired, thanks to the trades, some promising new blood.  And we even have a few new more experienced players such as Polanco and Pierre.  But, that wonderful feeling that you pumped us up with in 2012 is definitely gone. You personally killed it. But, it is another year. It is a complete different game to play.

Expectations?  I am super careful now. You are still the Boss, Mr. Loria. But, I wish my Miami Marlins the best. I wish them as many wins as are mathematically, statistically and realistically possible. I wish that Marlins Park is full of fans chanting “LET’S GO FISH” over and over again. I wish Stanton hits a home run, high and away, almost every single at bat.   I wish Mr. Loria that you would learn from your mistakes. I really do.  And trading those players (most of them anyway) was plainly irrational, stupid and a mistake.

Now–wearing my Marlins Jersey and Cap—I stand up and declare 2013 as a Happy New Year for our Miami Marlins!




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